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  1. It's Your Thing: The Story Of The Isley Brothers cover Fight the Power
  2. 3+3 cover That Lady
  3. Between The Sheets cover Between the Sheets
  4. It's Your Thing: The Story Of The Isley Brothers cover Footsteps in the Dark
  5. Bedroom Classics, Volume 3 cover Smooth Sailin' Tonight
  6. It's Your Thing: The Story Of The Isley Brothers cover It's Your Thing
  7. Twist & Shout cover Twist and Shout
  8. Nashville Skyline cover Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan cover)
  9. The Isley Brothers: Taken To The Next Phase (reconstructions) cover Groove With You
  10. The Very Best Of Todd Rundgren cover Hello, It's Me (Todd Rundgren cover)
  11. The Heat Is On cover For the Love of You
  12. Joy And Pain cover Joy and Pain (Maze cover)
  13. Between The Sheets cover Choosey Lover
  14. no cover Jesus Loves Me
  15. The Essential Isley Brothers cover Voyage to Atlantis
  16. Seals & Crofts' Greatest Hits cover Summer Breeze (Seals & Crofts cover)

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