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The Roots bude na pódiu cca 1:21. Zde je pravděpodobný setlist na základě předchozích koncertů (37% pravděpodobnost):

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  1. Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Roots (vol.1) cover The Next Movement
  2. Roots To Revolutions cover Conception
  3. no cover Think Twice
  4. Do You Want More?!!!??! cover Proceed
  5. Things Fall Apart cover Dynamite!
  6. Things Fall Apart cover Act Too (Love of My Life)
  7. The Best Of The Roots cover Clones
  8. Schlager-juwelen cover Apache (Jerry Lordan cover)
  9. The Tipping Point cover Web
  10. Things Fall Apart cover You Got Me
  11. Curtis cover Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield cover)
  12. Road To The Riches cover Men at Work (Kool G Rap cover)
  13. Phrenology cover The Seed (2.0)

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