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Písně, které by měly být zahrány živě, byly vydány na následujících albech:

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Wade Bowen bude na pódiu cca 1:52. Zde je pravděpodobný setlist na základě předchozích koncertů (46% pravděpodobnost):

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  1. Live At Billy Bob's Texas cover You Had Me at My Best
  2. If We Ever Make It Home cover If We Ever Make It Home
  3. Solid Ground cover Fell in Love on Whiskey
  4. If We Ever Make It Home cover Trouble
  5. Songs About Trucks cover Songs About Trucks
  6. The Given cover All That's Left
  7. Wade Bowen cover West Texas Rain
  8. Lost Hotel cover One Step Closer
  9. Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 cover Til It Does
  10. Wade Bowen cover When I Woke Up Today
  11. Solid Ground cover Death, Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs
  12. The Given cover Saturday Night
  13. Live At Billy Bob's Texas cover Resurrection
  14. The Blue Light Live cover Who I Am
  15. Wade Bowen cover Sun Shines on a Dreamer
  16. Lost Hotel cover Mood Ring
  17. Solid Ground cover Day of the Dead
  18. Lost Hotel cover God Bless This Town

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