Koncerty v Sector 5 2023

Najděte koncerty, živou hudbu, festivaly a termíny turné v okolí Sector 5: kupte si vstupenky na 2023/2024 představení.
  1. Swan Lake
  2. Air on a G String
  3. River Flows in You


  1. 18 Мне уже
  2. Крошка моя
  3. Он тебя целует
VV Photo


  1. Nymphetamine Fix
  2. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  3. From the Cradle to Enslave
Cradle of Filth Photo

Cradle of Filth

  1. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  2. Holding Out for a Hero - From "Footloose" Soundtrack
  3. It's a Heartache
Bonnie Tyler Photo

Bonnie Tyler

  1. Beautiful Day
  2. Keeping Me Alive
  3. Keeping Me Alive - Acoustic
Jonathan Roy Photo

Jonathan Roy

  1. Where Are You Now
  2. Whistle (feat. Calum Scott)
  3. Dancing On My Own
Calum Scott Photo

Calum Scott

  1. Liniștea
  2. La Capăt De Linie
  3. Timp Pentru Noi
om la lună Photo

om la lună

  1. Sympathique
  2. Où est ma tête?
  3. Dream a Little Dream
Pink Martini Photo

Pink Martini

  1. The Other Side
  2. What Else Is There?
  3. The Path To Decay
Sirenia Photo


  1. This is Not the End
  2. Tonight We Go to War
  3. Drop It 2 the B
Sick N' Beautiful Photo

Sick N' Beautiful

  1. Tears of the Dragon - 2001 Remastered Version
  2. Man of Sorrows - 2001 Remaster
  3. Road to Hell - 2001 Remastered Version
Bruce Dickinson Photo

Bruce Dickinson

  1. Which Shall Be The Darkness Of The Heretic
  2. Sirius, Draconis, Capricornus
  3. Udug-Hul Incantation


  1. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
  2. Cross Creek Road
  3. Unchain My Heart
Big Daddy Wilson Photo

Big Daddy Wilson

  1. Piata Romana Nr. 9
  2. Ce Bine Ca Esti
  3. Emotie de toamna
Nicu Alifantis Photo

Nicu Alifantis

  1. I Give as Good as I Get
  2. Man and Machine
  3. Forever Free
U.D.O. Photo


  1. Kommt Ein Vogel Geflogen
  2. Mothers
  3. Me and Lilly
Drift Photo


  1. Piata Romana Nr. 9
  2. Ce Bine Ca Esti
  3. Emotie de toamna
Nicu Alifantis Photo

Nicu Alifantis

  1. Florida - Radio Mix
  2. The Rave - Original Mix
  3. Our House - Original Mix
Steve Shaden Photo

Steve Shaden

Nejznámější místa pro koncerty v Sector 5

  1. Quantic Club
  2. Sala Palatului
  3. Control Club
  4. Arena Națională
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