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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds bude na pódiu cca 2:28. Zde je pravděpodobný setlist na základě předchozích koncertů (99% pravděpodobnost):

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  1. Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus cover Get Ready for Love
  2. Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus cover There She Goes, My Beautiful World
  3. Lovely Creatures - The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds cover From Her to Eternity
  4. Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus cover O Children
  5. Push The Sky Away cover Jubilee Street
  6. Ghosteen cover Bright Horses
  7. Skeleton Tree cover I Need You
  8. Ghosteen cover Waiting for You
  9. no cover Carnage
  10. The Firstborn Is Dead cover Tupelo
  11. Let Love In cover Red Right Hand
  12. Live From Kcrw cover The Mercy Seat
  13. The Good Son cover The Ship Song
  14. Push The Sky Away cover Higgs Boson Blues
  15. Tender Prey cover City of Refuge
  16. no cover White Elephant (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis cover)
  17. Přídavek #1

  18. The Boatman's Call cover Into My Arms
  19. B-sides & Rarities (part Ii) cover Vortex
  20. Ghosteen cover Ghosteen Speaks

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  2. Release The Bats
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  1. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
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Mick Harvey Photo

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  1. O Children
  2. Red Right Hand - 2011 Remastered Version
  3. Into My Arms - 2011 Remastered Version
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  1. Suzanne
  2. Hallelujah
  3. Dance Me to the End of Love
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  2. Breakdown (And Then…)
  3. Dead Radio
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  2. The Nightwatchman
  3. These Boots Are Made for Walking
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  1. Six Bells Chime
  2. The Adversary
  3. Peace in my Time
Crime & the City Solution Photo

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  1. Snake Song
  2. Hit the City
  3. The Lonely Night - Reprise Version
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